Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Owl Baby Cocoon

  A while back, I was pinning some cute baby stuff on Pinterest, because sometimes you just need to. Hubby's cousin saw this owl baby cocoon and told me if she had another baby to please make it for her. Fast forward months and months and she announced she was having another bundle of joy. I quickly ran out the store and got some of the softest yarn I could find. This yarn is so soft! It is a little more difficult to work with, but the extra effort is well worth it!

   I tried to do the pattern in the blog post. I couldn't make it work. I was talking to hubby about it and he said "You know, it's basically a really long hat." Brilliant! So I got going. I used my favorite hat pattern and just made it really long. I did seven expanding rows and it looked about right. Remember, it gets a little wider when you start making it longer.

   Next I made the new born baby sized hat. I used my favorite hat pattern again. This time I only did four expanding rows. It's twelve rows long since they live where it snows. I wanted to make sure it was long enough to keep little ears warm.

   Once I got to this point, I went back to the website I got the idea from. I used their pattern to make some ears and then I sewed them to the top.

I also used their beak pattern.


    For the eyes, I used the same pattern I use for my minion hats except I did them in single crochet instead of double. There's two rows of black, a row of blue and two rows of white.


  Sew the eyes and the beak onto the front of the hat

   You now have an owl baby cocoon for a new little bundle of joy!

  I love how it ended up having a stripes on it. I think it gives it some good character. Now I just need to wait until I can see it with an adorable little one in it!

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