Friday, May 30, 2014

Krosmaster Arena Frigost Review

   Frigost is an expansion to the game Krosmaster Arena . If you would like to read the review on how to play, the link is here. In this post, I will just be talking about the expansion.

   When you open the box, there is a rule book and the two sided board on the top.

   This is what the inside looks like after you punch out the pieces and put them together. I was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't more storage for the characters. Other than that, there is plenty of room. These cubes stay together a lot better than the ones in the base game. They were a little more difficult to put together.

   There is frozen damage you can do.

   There are trees, ice cubes and glaciers. They are the same as the trees, boxes and bushes in the original game. 

   There are new Summoning Tokens

   and four different levels of Demonic Rewards

   Set up of the board is the same as in the original. There are places for trees, cubes, glaciers and coins.

   The character set up is still the same. You place them on the cells with the footprints along the side of the board.

   Here is a picture of the other side of the board.

   You will need the base game to play this expansion. All of the characters are compatable with it.

   Some of the biggest differences are:

   -There are frozen Action Points, Movement Points and Injury Markers. These take two action points to defrost. At the end of your turn, any frozen AP, MP and IM you have, become defrosted. However, some characters can not receive frozen damage.

   - The Ice cubes can be pushed inside of the ice rink for three action points. Cubes will slide in a straight line until running into an obstacle or the edge of the ice rink. If there is a character on top of the ice cube, it remains on top.

   -Some spells effect a zone instead of just one cell. There is the axe zone and the hand zone.

   This is a great expansion. The art is still amazing, I love the characters and there is just enough new to make it interesting. If you like Krosmaster Arena, this is worth getting.

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