Friday, May 23, 2014

Krosmaster Arena Frigost Unboxing

   A while back, we decided we were going to help Kickstarter the new Krosmaster Arena expansion, Frigost. It finally arrived on Wednesday! It sat in my house, mocking me, while we waited for hubby to get home from work.

   We felt like kids at Christmas! We opened it up, and it looked like this. One thing that is nice about getting stuff on Kickstarter, is there is a possibility of getting a lot of extra stuff that you wouldn't normally get with the game.

   On top were seven Frigost characters.

   I think the characters in the Krosmaster games are awesome.  It's worth buying the game just for the pieces.


   Each character has a character card. We got XL cards for every character that you can get for the Frigost set.

   All seventeen of them. These cards are awesome! I didn't think having big cards would make that much of a difference. I really enjoy them though. They are so fun and much easier to read.

   We got some awesome yellow and green dice. They are a little transparent, but they mostly just look like they are frosted, which goes with the theme of the game.

   We also got a little coin. This may become our first player token or something. Either way, it looks pretty neat.

   This is a little two pack of guys. This one has Merkator and Captain Amakna

   The set is pretty neat. It comes with it's own little players mat, the two characters and their cards, two dice and some other game pieces. This is its own little mini game that you can play with just the two of them or you can use them in the bigger main game.

   Don't they look amazing? I love the detail of the characters and their bright colors. I almost want a display case to put them all in and hang on my wall.

   We received some winter themed obstacles.

   On the bottom of the box, we found this. The box for the game.

   Inside, there was the rule book and all of the different punch outs for the game.

   And of course, the board. Here's one side.

   And here's the other.

   In the bottom of the box, there were the regular sized players cards and a character. There is also plenty of space to store all of your little bits and pieces once they are punched out.

   Say 'Hello' to Count Harebourg

   Overall, I am really happy with what we got in our Kickstarter. We have played with the little two pack and it was a fun game. They are both pretty tough guys! I can't wait to play the expansion. I will try and get a review up in the next week or two. If you aren't sure how to play the base game, Krosmaster Arena, you can read my review of that game as well.

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