Friday, May 2, 2014

Smash Up Review

   Smash Up is a card game where you take two factions and mix them together. It really is "The Shufflebuilding Game of Total Awesomeness!" (It even says so on the box)

   The inside of the box has all of these nice slots for the cards. This is actually the base set with two expansions. Plenty of room to grow!

   There are eight factions in the base set. Dinosaurs, Wizards, Aliens, Zombies, Robots, Tricksters, Pirates and Ninjas. Each person picks two factions. You can have Zombie Aliens, Pirate Dinosaurs, Robot Ninjas. Anything you'd like. Shuffle your cards together and draw five. The number on the top left is how many points each Minion card is worth when scoring the base. The writing in the bottom center is what each card does. Each card has awesome art work on it.

   The set up is simple. Take the base cards and shuffle them up. Lay them out so that there is the same as the number of players plus one. This game is set up for three players so there are four base cards. Leave enough room around the base cards to put cards around it. Place the remaining base cards face down in a draw pile.

   When you take your turn, you can play either an Action card, a Minion card or one of both or neither. You can play them in either order you would like. To play a card, place it next to one of the bases. When you play an action, place it next to the card you want to use it on and then do what it says. This Ninja card is destroying the Alien card. Both cards then go into their discard piles.

   The base cards have their own special abilities. They can either be things that happen right away or once the base is scored. The number in the top left (21) is how many points are needed to score the base. The numbers in the middle are the number of points the players get. The player with the most minion points gets four, second gets three and third gets two. After the Base is scored, remove that base and draw the next base to replace it. Whoever scores fifteen points first, wins!

   This is a really fun game! There are enough cards in the base set to play with up to four people. Game play only takes about 45 minutes. If you like card games, this is definitely one worth looking into. It's a favorite of our gaming group!

   What faction smash up would you like to try?

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