Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Snicker Doodle Bars

   I love to eat cookies, a LOT. I also enjoy baking when it's not too hot. Usually, when I want some cookies, I will be all ready and motivated for some fresh out of the oven goodness. I will whip up a batch of cookie dough and then, sometimes, I will sit there and look at it. I think about how many cookies I now have to make because I usually double it. Then my feet start to hurt just thinking about how long I will be standing there making little balls of dough, cooking them, switching out pans, waiting for them to cool but not waiting so long they end up over cooked or stuck to the pan all while trying to be at a stopping place when the timer goes off.

   Now, when I want cookies, sometimes if I have stuff going or if I want to eat them but don't necessarily want to make them, I make cookie bars. I have a stone pan that I got for a birthday or Christmas at some point. I love my stone pan! It makes the BEST cookie bars. They are cooked evenly and don't collapse in the middle like I've had them do in glass pans. If you use a smaller glass pan, it seems to still work fine though.

   One day, I decided to try and make snicker doodle bars. My hubby loves snicker doodles and I don't really like making them. You have to put the dough in the fridge (especially in the summer) and you have to roll them and then roll them in the sugar and cinnamon. It's a lot of extra work. So I found a recipe to try. It was rather simple so I gave it a go.

First, whisk together:
2 3/4 cups of flour
1/2 tsp of salt
2 tsp baking powder

   In a large bowl, add:
1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1/12 cups of granulated white sugar

   Beat for a minute or two until smooth

   Add two eggs, beating after adding each one. When you add your second egg, also add in a teaspoon of vanilla. I scrape the bowl and then give it another quick mix at the end.

      Add your dry ingredients and mix well

   Scrape the sides and give it another quick mix.

   Next, take your pan

    I spray mine with cooking spray. Mix together 1/3 cup granulated white sugar and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. Then sprinkle some of your cinnamon and sugar mixture on the bottom of the pan.

   You can give the pan a quick shake to help spread out the cinnamon and sugar

   I put piles of cookie dough on different areas of the pan to minimize the amount of spreading.

   Spread the dough evenly into your pan. It's not that easy to spread it. It will pull up and mix some of your mixture into your dough. This will sometimes take longer than making the actual dough so make sure you packed your patience. Just remember, it is totally worth it in the end!

   Once your dough is spread, sprinkle more of the cinnamon and sugar mixture on the top. I put my pan in a cold oven and then set it to 400*.

   20 minutes later, they were done! I check mine by feel. I know if they are a little firm to the touch they are done. You could probably do the tooth pick thing and check it that way. Also don't forget that they will still cook a little once they are out since the pan stays hot.

   Wait for them to cool for a bit, cut them into bars and enjoy! These are a favorite for game nights or when having company over. You can cut them as big or as small as you'd like. Enjoy!

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