Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day Fun: A Craft for Dad

Father's Day is here again and it't time for you  your kids to make a craft for Dad.  Here is a simple and fun idea that your kids will love!  (And dad will love having this special little keepsake from his little ones!)

Start with a 12 x 12 piece of card stock in a light color like white or yellow. Paint waves about 1/3 from the top and paint the entire bottom blue so the bottom 2/3's of the paper is blue.  If some blue paint goes outside the line, don't worry, it will look like ocean spray or a big wave.  One of our little crafters painted in a tsunami for her dad. :)

Before the paint dries, sprinkle the page with blue glitter.  Let it sit for a minute and shake the excess onto a paper plate. Let dry completely.  This won't take more than five or ten minutes.

While my kids were waiting for the paint to dry, they decorated a jar like the ocean.  They also cut out fish and wrote a reason why they love their dad on each one.  The put all their little fish in a jar.   I know my husband is going to enjoy reading each little "fishy" note that fills this jar.  I think my kids are looking forward to adding more notes to dad throughout the whole year.

Now that your blue paint is dry, your child will need a little help on the next step.  Place your child's left hand palm down in orange paint and then place it on the center of the blue part of the paper.  The thumb should be pointed up and the fingers spread.   This hand print will soon become an adorable fish. Let it dry.

Once the fish is dry, add a google eye (the big ones are pretty cute.).   Use a red marker to draw on lips. You can add some sea weed if you'd like.

Be careful on this step.  Mysteriously while I was helping the kids make their hand print fish, a hand print appeared  on my wall.

Now,  use stickers to write out, "I'm hooked on Dad!"  Last, draw a hook near the mouth, a round bobber above the hook, and  a fishing line towards the top of the paper.  You can frame it or place it in a plastic sleeve if you'd like.

How cute is that?

Happy craftin' and Happy Father's Day!

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