Friday, June 20, 2014

Roll For It! Review

   Roll For It! (Red Edition) is a fun dice rolling, matching game by Calliope Games. Back on Table Top Day, we were lucky enough to get one of their boxes of goodies. In it, was a little promo game of Roll For It! It was a little different than the game in the box, but we looked more into it and it looked fun, so we bought it.

   When you open the box, there is a rule book, a deck of 30 cards and twenty four dice in four colors.

   To set up, shuffle the cards and deal three cards face up in the middle of the table. Each player chooses a color of dice.

   On your turn, roll the dice, only once, and try and match your dice up with the cards in the center. If you have a match, take the card from the center and put it in your scored pile. After you have placed all of the dice you are able to use, place a new card in the empty spot and take your dice from the scored card back for your next turn.

   Play continues, each player rolls once and matches the dice to the cards, trying to score. You can only roll the dice you have available so plan wisely. If you choose, you can take back ALL of your dice that are placed at the cards and then roll.

The first person that gets to forty points, or above, wins!

   What's that you say? This game would be awesome for game nights but you have more than four people in your group? Not to worry, there is also a  Roll For It! (Purple Edition).

   Both games come with a deck of cards and four sets of dice. You can shuffle both decks together when playing with up to eight people. The different color cards and dice makes it easy to sort back out at the end of the game as well. The purple deck comes with dice that look like marble. The red deck comes with more transparent dice. I love them all! I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted because of the dice, so we got them both. The only difference when playing with more people is you  have four cards face up in the center instead of three.

   I LOVE this game! It's fast, easy to learn, and people who "don't like games" even enjoy this game. It is great as a filler game or you can play it multiple times. There is tons of re-playability in this game due to the different cards. There isn't much down time between turns, even when playing with a large group because you only get to roll once. This game is great to play with kids since there is more luck than strategy. It's small size also makes it easy to take if you are heading to a friends or on vacation. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy dice games. I know I do!

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