Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Easy Pizza Ideas

   My family loves to eat pizza. We probably eat it a lot more than we should. But really, can you blame us? Sometimes the craving of the gooey cheese and piles of vegetables and meat are just too much to pass up.

   Since we like pizza so much, we have a few different variations we make. Yes, there is the regular circle pizza on crust that everyone thinks of when you hear the word "pizza". We have other favorite ways to make this family favorite.

   First, we buy some French Bread. You can buy a loaf for a dollar at Walmart. Cut it in half and chop up any vegetables you would like to add.

   Spread as much sauce on it as you'd like. The bread will soak up the sauce so feel free to lather it on.

   Sprinkle on your cheese and whatever toppings you like. I forgot a few of the vegetables I wanted so we had pepperoni and green onion pizza.

   Next, we put them in the broiler. About five minutes will work. Just keep and eye on it. When the cheese is melted, it's ready. Using the broiler will make it melted and warm but leaves the inside soft.

   Another thing we like to do, is making pizza on tortillas. I found I like the corn ones better. This makes a great snack or meal. You can even throw another tortilla on top and make it quesadilla style. My mother in law makes them in a sandwich maker and calls them pizza pockets. Anyway you make it, my kids LOVE it and will gobble them up faster than you can make them.

   Booth ways are fast and cheap. Depending on how much you put on top of your pizza, it can be made for about $5. This is a great meal for those times when you need something fast or aren't really in the mood for cooking.

   Are there any other pizza variations you enjoy?


  1. I love the challenge if making my own dough (it's less than .50 worth of ingredients) and my own sauce (using tomato paste). Pizza night is the best! I've used left over shredded chicken and even Mac and cheese on pizza!

    1. We love making our own dough and sauce as well! It takes a bit more planning in advance, but is still oh so good!