Friday, August 29, 2014

Fun Farm Review

   Fun Farm Board Game is a little game for two to ten players ages six and up.

   When you open the box, you will see six foam animals, two dice and a deck of twenty five cards.

   Set up is simple. Place the animals in a circle in the middle of all players. You need to make sure that everyone that is playing can easily reach all of the animals. You will have one person be the Farmer.

   The Farmer will place the first card face up in the middle of the animals.

   Next, the Farmer rolls the dice. If either of the dice match the dice on the cards, players try to grab that animal first. Whoever does this gets the card that was activated by the dice roll.

   Place the card face down in front of you. This is how you score at the end of the game. Place the animal back in the circle and pass the deck of cards to the left. They are the new Farmer for the round.

   If the dice don't match a card in the middle. Leave that card there and place another card in the center. If someone grabs an animal that wasn't activated, they must randomly choose a card from their score pile and place it face up in the center. This card can now be activated again once the dice match the card.

   Make sure you can clearly see all of the cards in the center. They can now all be activated by the dice roll. If there are two cards that have a matching die on it, you can grab any animal that is activated by that roll. If the die roll activates two cards of the same animal, whoever grabs the animal first gets both cards. If cards are activated but are not grabbed before the Farmer adds a new card, the card stays in the middle. After the deck of cards is gone, the game is over. Add up your cards in front of you. Whoever has the most, wins!

   This game is a lot of fun to play as a family. It would be great for birthday parties since it can play up to ten people. I would think this game would be great for younger kids as well, as long as they are on about the same level. My youngest loves the animals. I enjoy playing simplified versions of games with him to help him with matching. This game is perfect for that and he loves being involved on family game nights. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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