Friday, August 22, 2014

Love Letter Review

   If you follow any sort of gaming anything, you have probably heard about the fun little game Love Letter by AEG. It was so well received that they are making many different versions of the game. So far, we have three. There is a wedding one you have to order special. You can only get it if you or someone you know is getting married. The one in the box is a Legends of the Five Rings copy. The red one is the original version.

   The game is pretty simple. There is a little baggie with a few cubes in it. These are used to keep track of points. There are cards that tell you how many of each card there are and what they do. The rules also fold up and fit nicely inside of the bag.

   There are sixteen cards in the game. Each card has a number and tells you what the card does.

   Play is simple. Pass out one card to each player. When it's your turn, draw a card. Choose which of your two cards you want to discard and then do what it says. Some let you guess what card people have, Some cards let you look and see what they do.

   You are trying to keep the Princess card. If you have to discard the Princess, you lose that round. If someone plays a Guard and guesses your card, you discard your card and are eliminated from that round. If you get eliminated from the round, don't worry, the rounds are fairly short and you get to join back in the next go around. The round ends after all of the cards are gone or one player is left. Once the draw pile has been used up, the remaining players show what card they have in their hand. The one with the highest number wins that round.

   Whoever gets the number of cubes that are needed to win first, wins the game!

   As you can probably tell, we have sleeved the cards for this game. It's one of the few that we have done this to. It's a game we really enjoy. We take it with us when we go out to dinner to help pass the time while you are waiting. It is a lot of fun for such a small game. My 9 year old loves to play this game with us. It's really easy to learn and the rounds are pretty fast which is nice since people can be eliminated from the game. I highly recommend this game, it's loads of fun!

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