Friday, September 19, 2014

Knee Jerk Review

   Knee Jerk is a hilarious tip of the tongue party game for four to eight players. It is currently on Kickstarter, so if you would like to help fund it and receive a copy, you can do that here.

   Set up is super simple. The person with the brightest clothes is the first host. They shuffle the cards, place two in the middle of the table, face up, lining up the arrows. They then draw three cards for their hand.

   Starting with the green arrow on the left, they will read the sentence and then choose an orange ending from their hand. Place that down face up, read the sentence and then the fun begins! In this example, the host would read "I feel annoyed at the cult gathering because someone is wearing..." Everyone shouts out their best ending for the sentence. It can be whatever pops into their head such as "A Kool-aid shirt!"

   Whoever answered first gets the left card. If two people answer at the same time, the host can choose which one they want to award the card to. If the host decides the answer doesn't make sense, he can deny it, but must say why and the next person that answered gets the card.

   The host then draws another card, chooses one of the three and adds it to the right on the card line for the new sentence. Now it reads "I wish I had a camera in Las Vegas because that attractive girl turned out to be..." Continue until someone gets the points (cards) needed to win. In a four to five player game, four points are needed. In a five to eight player game, three points are needed. The winner of the game, gets to be the host of the next game. The game is only about ten minutes, so you can play multiple games in one sitting.

   If you have a group of friends that love party games, this game is a ton of fun! It's great for a good laugh. The age is nine and up and it's just as much fun to play this game with kids as it is with adults. The wilder the answers, the better!

   Now lets try one out, "I feel scared at the talk show because my psych evaluation said..." Leave your best answer in the comments.

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