Friday, October 10, 2014

Timeline Review

   Timeline is an educational game for two to four players by Asmodee games. It plays in about fifteen minutes.

   Inside, there are 109 cards

   On one side, it has a picture and says what it is. On the other side it has a date added.

   To set up, shuffle the cards and deal out as many as indicated by the number of players. For a two player game, both players get six cards. Keep the date side face down. Place the top of the draw pile between the players, date side up.

   To begin, choose one of your cards and place it in front of the card in the middle if you think it happened before the event on the table. If you think it happened after, place it after.

   If a player guesses wrong, the card gets put back in the box and they draw a new card.

   As you can see, the timeline will get longer and the dates closer together. The goal is to get rid of all of your cards before your opponents.

   This is a fun little educational game, that can also be used as flash cards. It's a great way to help teach children about history. There are many different categories of cards you can get such as inventions and discoveries. The directions are simple so it's easy enough for children to play it alone or to teach a friend. As far as replay ability, if you play it a lot, you will eventually memorize the cards. That would make the game pretty easy for you, but think of all of that new knowledge you will have!

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