Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Avengers vs. X-Men Dice Masters Review

   If you enjoy dice games, you have probably already heard about Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers VS X-Men. It was a huge hit! I mean, what's not to love about dice, Avengers and X-Men?

   So how do you play? First, you choose teams. We may or may not have gone a little overboard with buying booster packs for this game. My boys LOVE opening them and they are pretty cheap so we get them almost every time we go to our game store. I have found it's easiest to lay them all out on the table. The boys and I don't have big enough hands to hold them all while we look through them. The number of guys you choose depends on the game you want to play. We usually do a smaller game of eight dice. One thing I find interesting about this game is it's about the number of dice you have, not the number of characters. I can have four of two characters, one of eight different characters or anywhere in between.

   There are power cards. You can choose four randomly or you can do a draft. However you'd like to get the four cards.

   Once the teams are picked and you have the corresponding dice, set up your area. You will need something to keep track of your life points. We have found poker chips work excellent for this. You are now ready to play!

   On your turn, draw four dice and roll them. Each side has a different picture. 

   The top die is a Sidekick. The number in the top left shows you how much it costs to summon the die. The top right is the attack and the bottom right is the defense. This is how any of the character dice work as well.

   You also have pictures of the different energy types. There is a lightning bolt, a mask, a fist, a shield and a question mark which is a wild.

   After you roll, your choices are to summon dice if you have one to summon or you can purchase dice. When buying your character dice, you must have one energy that is the same as the character. If I was trying to buy Gobby, I would have to spend three energy, at least one would need to be a lightning bolt. This is shown in the top left corner. His power is in the white section toward the bottom middle. The different sides of his die are along the bottom. The side with the two lightning bolts would be worth two lightning energy if  rolled.


   Here I rolled four energy. I can buy one with either a lightning bolt or a fist. I can also split them up and buy as many as I have energy for. The special power ups don't have a specific type of energy to purchase. You can buy these any time you have enough energy.

   When you summon your dice, place them at the front. You can choose to attack at that point or you can wait and attack later or defend. If you defend and your die is killed, place him toward the bottom to be rolled again next turn. Your used dice go off to the side.

   There is an insert in the rule book that goes over the placing of the dice.

   If you are attacked and you don't have any dice, you will take away some of your life points. If one of you run out of life tokens, the other person wins!

   This game is pretty fun! It can be a fast game or you can add more dice and life and play a longer game. I think half of the fun is putting together the team and seeing how they work. The powers on the cards match up with the characters they represent really well. Some combine with others and some are heavy hitters that do better when they are alone.

   They just came out with a new set. It's Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men. I am looking forward to trying out the new characters and their abilities. The games are compatible to play together or you can play either one separately.

   Since we enjoy this game so much, we decided to give away a copy of The Uncanny X-Men.

   A few notes for the giveaway:
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