Friday, November 7, 2014

Blurble Review

   If you like party games, you need to check out Blurble, a fast paced party game for two to twelve players.

   Inside of the box, there are two stacks of cards.

   Play is simple. Chose how long you want to play the game. You can do it by a number of cards in the deck, you can set a time limit, or you can play until a player gets a certain number of cards.

   The first player is the Blurbler. They take the deck of cards and flip over the top card between them and the person to their left. Whoever shouts out a word that has the same first letter as the picture on the card, gets that card. There's a catch! You can not say a proper noun, a number or a word that is shorter than three letters. You also cannot say a word that has already been said on a different card. For example, this card has an ostrich on it, so you can yell things such as orange, oval, or octopus.

   If the Blurbler wins with the person on the left, they move to the next person. Play continues until someone says a word before the Blurbler. When this happens, they get the deck of cards and they become the new Blurbler and play starts with the person on their left. You continue play until you reach the predetermined ending.

   This game was surprisingly fun! When I read the directions, I was worried our group wouldn't enjoy it much. Once we started, I was surprised about how much laughter and fun we had! Our group had a wide variety in age and everyone had a blast. This game is definitely going to get a lot of play and will have a spot on our game shelf for a long time.

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