Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Game List

   Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday is coming, I decided I would do a little game list of some of my favorite games. I broke them down into categories, so if you are looking for a specific type, it will be a bit easier.


   Monsters University Dice: Will you be the one with the last monster? Pass them to the left, right, or put them in the center. The last one with the monster wins. It's a game simple enough for even the little ones to understand.

   Rampage: Build a city on the meeples then use your dragon to flick, blow, and drop on the buildings to knock it all down. Collect the meeples in sets to score big points! Kids love this game where you don't have to sit down to play.

   Hey, That's My Fish!: Can you collect more fish than your opponents? Slip and slide your penguins across the ice and collect the fish. Watch out for holes, you don't want to get trapped!

   Roll For It!: Roll the dice and match the cards. The first person to match a card in this turn based game gets to collect that card. Be the first one to forty points to win!

   Fun Farm: Roll the dice and match it with the cards. Be the first one to grab the animal that matches the card for points.


   King of Tokyo: Who's monster will be the King of Tokyo? Attack your way to the top, but beware, don't run out of health or else you are out of the game. The last one standing is the new King!

   Face Off: This fun dice game is a press your luck type game. Feel free to roll for as many heroes as you'd like, but roll all villains and you are out! Unless of course you choose to go for Villains, then bluff your way to the top. But beware, if you get caught bluffing, your opponent gets your points.

   Wits and Wagers: Are you good at time frames but not great at actual dates? Everyone writes their best guess and then you place bets. Whoever is closest gets points while the others lose theirs. Great for teaching kids about History!

   Dixit: Take turns playing a card face down. Say anything you want as a clue. Each player then plays a card that fits the clue. Mix them up and take a guess at which card is that players card. Easy for both kids and adults.


   Carcassonne: Can you make the biggest city? Keep the biggest farm? Build the longest road? In this fun tile laying game, build up the city of Carcassonne while scoring points and trying to get in on your neighbors. Think you know who is winning? Think again, most of the scoring in this game happens at the end!

   7 Wonders: Can you build the biggest wonder? There are three phases in this game. Pick a card you want and pass the others on. But be careful, you need to have supplies for building and don't forget to build an army!

   Takenoko: Balance feeding a hungry panda, gardening and keeping the Emperor happy. Be the first to match a number of cards by eating bamboo, growing bamboo and expanding the land. First player to a certain number of completed cards gets the Emperors approval with a bonus point card.

   Seasons: This card drafting game changes with the Seasons. Roll the dice to see what actions you get to take that turn. Choose your cards carefully to make it through all three years.


   Pandemic: The Cure: Can you cure all four diseases before time runs out? Roll your special dice to help find a cure before they cause an outbreak. Bottle samples, treat them, and find the cure. If you like dice, this game is amazing!

   Castle Panic: Work together to fight the monsters before they knock down the castle! Use swordsmen, knights and archers to protect the castle. Fight off all of the monsters before the last piece of castle is gone to win this fun and sometime tense game.

   Forbidden Desert: Uncover the missing pieces of your ship before you get buried under the desert sand or run out of water. It's a race against time!


   NanoBot: Try and make the longest chain of bots before someone runs out. Be careful, your opponents may move your bots, burn them or change direction to break up your chain.

   Bang! Dice Game: Are you the Sheriff? A Deputy? An Outlaw? The Renegade? Roll the dice and attack your opponents. Try to figure out who is who and team up so you win!

   Blurble: Flip the top card and yell out a word that starts with the first letter as the picture. Go around the table until someone yells a word before you. They get to challenge the people around the table. Continue until you run out of cards. There will be a lot of fun and laughter during this part game!


   Ticket to Ride: Pick a train ticket and plan your trek. Play cards to get from destination to destination. Be careful, your path may be blocked by your opponents travels. Game continues until someone runs out of trains so don't get caught with unfinished tickets.

   Dominion: A card drafting game. Buy cards to help you get points. With many different types of cards, this game has a lot of replay ability. No two games are the same.

   Tsuro: Set sail on the wakes of the ocean. Play a tile and then move to the end of the wake. Try to get your opponents to fall off the board before you do.

   Lords of Waterdeep: Try to get as many quests done as you can before the rounds run out. Take turns placing your agents on the board to get what you need to complete the quests that your Lord requests.

   Settlers of Catan: The game that got many people into gaming. Build settlements, cities and roads to get resources. Expand quickly so you don't get cut off!


   Summoner Wars: Summon your helpers to move and attack your opponents Summoner. Watch out for traps while maneuvering around walls and staying out of reach.

   Krosmaster Arena: Move around trees and bushes. Stand on boxes while attacking your opponent for extra distance. Roll the dice for a little extra boost while battling to the end.

   Small World: Try to take over the small world by battling your neighbors for a little extra space. Try to get the most land by the time this round base game is over.


   Smash Up: Take two factions and shuffle them together. Try to get the best combo on a base before it scores. Use actions to move your opponents cards, take away special abilities or boost your own.

   Guildhall: Try to get sets of the same type of card before your opponents take your cards or switch them with their own cards. Use sets to buy point cards or a special boost. Each card type has it's own special ability to help you along.


   Love Letter: A simple game of trying to get the love letter to the princess. Play a card and do what it says. If you have the Princess at the end of the game or the card with the highest number, you win!

   Dice Masters: This two player game can be as long or short as you'd like. Buy dice to fight your opponent with. Wonder who will win between Wolverine and Dead Pool? Get rolling and find out!

   Kittens in a Blender: Will your mischievous kittens get blended up or will you catch them in time? Try to save your kittens before your opponents blend them up.

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