Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Sew Fleece Blankets

   No sew fleece blankets are probably one of the easiest blankets to make. You don't have to sew at all. Not even a little. So if you are sewing challenged like I am, this is perfect!

   First, buy some fleece. These are about a yard and a half to start. You are going to want to get a little more than what you want.

   Lay out the bottom piece and make it flat and straight.

   Next, place the top piece over the bottom piece. Line it up the best you can. It works best if you use the factory seams together. That's the straightest sides of the fabric.

   Trim around both pieces so that they are the same size.

   Cut out a square in the corner that is about two inches. You will do this for every corner.

   Cut slits around the whole blanket. They should be about an inch apart and about two inches long. This isn't exact science, you can just eyeball it if you want.

   You are going to fold each tab in half

   and cut a little slit into it.

   You now have a little hole in each tab.

   Pull the tab next to it through the hole of the one before it.

   It will start to look like it's braided. Do this around the whole blanket.

   When you get to the end, cut the last tab from the slit to the bottom of the tab so you have two.

   Put one side through the first tab.

   Tie the two pieces into a knot.

   You now have a blanket!


   On the above blanket, I did both tabs as one. When I made my next one, the corners curved up pretty bad. I tried pulling and stretching to get it to lay flat, and it wouldn't.

   I took out that braid and did it over. You braid it the same way, but you do one tab at a time, putting the bottom through the top then moving to the next one. Alternate which one you are pulling through. This way the blanket lays flat and you can see both fabrics in the braid.

   Making these blankets are super easy and a nice change to the knotted version of a no sew blanket. I think it gives it nice finished look. They only take an hour or two to make so it's not an all day project. Just make sure you don't move it around too much when you are cutting and braiding it. You don't want to mess up your unfinished edges.

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