Friday, December 12, 2014

PathWords Review

   PathWords is a single player word find game by Thinkfun Inc.

   Inside of the box, you have a puzzle book, an answer book and some clear colored shapes.

   To play, pick a puzzle. Pull out the shapes that are down the side. Those are what shapes you will use on this puzzle.

   Find the words on the page. Each shape listed will be used on the puzzle. The letters will always be in order but they can go in any direction. Some of them are tricky and will have letters from a different word next to a word so it makes a different word. For example, the P from plant is next to the E for each which would spell peach.

   I wasn't a huge fan of this game. I had a hard time finding the words since they are kind of all over. They don't have any sort of theme to the page which makes finding the words more difficult. The game doesn't have a recommended age group on it, but my 9 year old had a hard time with it as well. I'm sure if you like a challenging word game, you would probably love this game. It has four different levels of difficulty so it does get more challenging as you go through it.

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