Friday, February 6, 2015

Mint Tin Pirates Review

   Min Tin Pirates is a little two player game that can fit in your pocket.

   There is actually quite a bit in this little tin, but everything fits nicely.

   The directions are on four cards which keeps them short and to the point.

   There are two cards with a ship on them. There is also corresponding meeples and cubes for each card. There's a white meeple that is the Pirate Ghost, a yellow cube that is gold, and some dice.

      And whole deck of cards.

   Set up is simple. Shuffle the cards and deal out five face down to both players. Put the stack between you. Choose a color and take the corresponding ship, Crew (meeples) and cube. Put the Pirate Ghost and gold where they can be easily reached. Roll the dice to see who goes first.

   On your turn, you are going to play a pair of matching cards.

   Each card has a different picture. The cannon does damage to your ship. The bomb, knives and guns makes your opponent lose one crew member. Take their meeple and place it next to your ship. The Treasonous Desertions card (the two ships with the meeple between it) means you can take a crew member from your opponents ship, and put it on your ship. The Davy Jones' locker card (the ship and the meeple in the water) means you can take one of your dead crew and put it back on your ship. The Spanish Doubloons are wild cards.

   After you play a pair, you will roll the dice. The number you roll has to match the numbers on the bottom of the card. If this happens, it is a hit. If they don't match, it is a miss.

   If you roll doubles at any time, take the gold cube and place it on your ship. This allows you to have an extra card. 

   If you are the first player to lose all of your crew, you get the Pirate Ghost. Discard down to three cards (unless you have the gold, then it's four). The Pirate Ghost is the last of the crew to be lost. If you gain other crew members back, they will be lost when hit.

   Once the Pirate Ghost has been lost or if a ship has sunk, the game is over. Whoever is still standing is the winner.

   This game is a lot of fun for such a small game! It is a great game to take with you when going out to eat, spending an afternoon at the park, or taking a break at work. The game play is fast and easy. There is even a way to score it if you need to stop before it is over.

   The game says it's for ages ten and up, but I bet younger kids can learn this game rather easily too. Just be cautious, the meeples and cubes are smaller.

   I would definitely recommend this game if you want a light, fun, fast game. You won't find this game from any distributors, so if you would like to order it, click on the name at the beginning of this post.

   Now for some fun! If you would like to watch a fun play through I did (which I'm pretty sure you do, it's awesome!) you can find that here.


  1. Wow! This is a wonderful and detailed review! The video is very fun and original - thank you so much, this touches my heart =)

  2. btw, that's a beautiful fabric in the pics - the card suits are fantastic!

    1. Thank you! I am so happy you like it. And thank you for the nice comments!