Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Disney Party

   I was sent a box full of Disney goodness to host a Disney Side party. I always love doing these parties. I grew up watching Disney movies and am enjoying passing that love on to my children. These Disney Side parties are nice because they usually line up with my oldest one's birthday.

   This year we decided to use our party pack at a family party. My brother in law loves rice krispy treats, so I used the cake pan that was included in our pack to make a giant Mickey Mouse shaped rice krispy treat.

   One of my favorite parts of the party was the cupcakes. We received a tie-dye cake mix. I had never tried one of these before, so I decided I would share how these work with you today.

   The box has the cake mix, along with these food coloring packets. These are an OCD person's nightmare. I managed though, and everything worked out just fine. Just make sure you have a napkin to lay them on so you don't get food coloring on your counter.

   First you make the cake mix, then separate it into six different bowls. I used plastic cups and spoons to make clean up easier. Then you add the food coloring to make the different colors. It tells you how many drops of each color to use on the back of the box.

   Next, get your pan ready. I used some Silicone Baking Cups . Now, before I start this, I would like to point out that there isn't directions for making these into cupcakes. My cake stuck to my non-stick baking cups. I'm sure if you use some sort of non-stick spray, it would have turned out fine.

   Add a spoon full of your cake mix. Put the different colors on top of each other. Do not mix. Just let them settle for a second before adding the next color.

   Do that for each cup cake. If you are doing it as a cake, pour the cake mix in the pan, letting it spread out on it's own before adding the next color.

   Cook them according to the directions on the packaging.

   Since I used the silicone baking cups, and didn't want them to get thrown away or chewed on by little kids at the party, I took my cupcakes out of the wrappers. You can see the bottom left one has a tie-dye look on the side.

   Next, I frosted the cupcakes. I used a frosting tip to spiral the frosting on and then added a little bit of sprinkles to give it a little more color.

   Since it was Disney themed, I took some Oreo's to make little Mickey faces on them. I used a regular sized Oreo for the face and mini Oreo's for the ears.

   These cupcakes were a huge hit by both the children and the adults. We had such a fun night celebrating birthdays that I forgot to take pictures of the many different decorations and games that came with my party pack. We got to fill out Family Tree of Life posters. Pinned the mouth on Mickey and played some Disney Bingo. Over all, it was a wonderful party. You can't go wrong with Disney!

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