Friday, May 15, 2015

Rumble in the Dungeon

   Rumble in The Dungeon is a fun, quick game for two to six players.

   Inside, there are twelve tiles that you will place in the center of the table. You can set them up however you want, as long as the treasury and the exit are far apart.

   Place the treasure box in the treasury.

   There are twelve characters.

   Randomly place one on each tile.

   Each player will take one color player tokens. One is for scoring and the other is a reminder of what color each player is.

   Take the twelve character tokens and place them face down. Mix them up.

   Pass each player two random character tokens. These are the two secret characters that you are during this round. The game is now ready to play.

   Take turns moving any one character into a different room. It does not have to be your secret character.

   If two

   or more characters end up in the same room, they start to fight.

   One character can be removed from play. As characters are removed, line them up. The first character to leave is the first in line. Line the rest of them up behind.

   Any character that is in the same room as the treasure chest can take it with them. They are trying to escape the dungeon with the treasure.

   If more than one character is in the same room, either character can leave with the treasure chest. This is the only way you can leave a room with more than one character in it without having to remove a character from play.

   Once only one character is left in play, the round is over. Every player reveals who their characters are.

   Scoring is simple, the last player in the dungeon or the character that escapes with the treasure gets ten points. The character at the end of the line gets nine points. If none of the players have that character, then no points are scored for that character. The next character in line is worth eight, then seven, then six, all the way down to one. You only score for your character that has the highest amount of points. After three rounds, the player with the highest score is the winner!

   This game is a great filler or one to play with children. We have played this game with our kids many times. It is always a game filled with laughter and fun. The pieces are high quality cardboard. There is enough room in the box to store everything without having to take apart the characters after every game. The art work on this game is very detailed and fun to look at. They even decorated the bottom of the box.

   I highly recommend this game, especially if you have kids! We have played it at game nights with friends as well and everyone had a great time!

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