Friday, June 19, 2015

Voodoo Mania Review

   Voodoo Mania is a game for two to six players by Passport Games.

   Inside, you will find six legend cards. The legend cards have five items and five colors on it. This is to help you if you get stuck during the game.

   There is a deck of double sided ingredient cards.

   Each ingredient card has four items in four different colors.

   To set up, give each player a legend card and deal out as many ingredient cards as per number of players stated in the directions. Place one ingredient card in the center of the table where everyone can see and reach it. Draw the top three ingredient cards of your pile. You are now ready to play.

   To play, look at the ingredient card in the middle of the table. Since there are only four items and four colors, you must find the missing item/color combo. Each ingredient card is two sided so you can look on both sides. If you don't have any ingredient cards that show the right combination, you may place one of the ingredient cards in your hand on the bottom of your deck and draw the top ingredient card. You must place the ingredient card on the bottom and have no more than three ingredient cards in your hand at a time.

   This ingredient card is missing a yellow mask so you must play an ingredient card with a yellow mask on top of it. When playing an ingredient card, say the item/color that was missing. This allows the other players to see what is being played and to help make sure it's a correct card. Draw the top ingredient card of your deck.

   If you happen to have an ingredient card that is missing the same item/color combo, play the card and yell "Voodoo". If this happens, each other player takes an ingredient card from the bottom of the voodoo pile and adds it to the bottom of their cards. Once everyone has drawn a card, the voodoo caller says "voodoo mania" and the game continues.

   Continue playing in this manor until someone runs out of ingredient cards. Once a player runs out of cards, count the number of ingredient cards left in everyone's hands. This is your score for this round. The game ends after three rounds. The player with the lowest score is the winner!

   If you like quick thinking speed games, this game is great! The cards are thick and fun to look at. There is always a lot of laughter and good times when we play this game. However, if you are playing with kids it can be rather one sided since kids have a harder time figuring out what is missing. We played this game during a game night and one of the kids joined in. She had a hard time figuring things out and ended up not getting rid of any of her cards. She still had a good time, it was just a little harder for her. I think if you had a group of just kids or adults, fun would be had by all.

   I really enjoy this game. It's nice having a game that makes you think quick. It may seem easy, since the concept is easy, but when you are trying to figure out what to play and the pressure is on to beat your opponents, this game is actually pretty tough. This game is definitely worth giving a try.

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