Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Take A Moment

   When is the last time that you took a moment and enjoyed your surroundings?

   Maybe found some storm clouds cascading over a mountain.

   Sat back and looked for shapes in the clouds.

   Taken the time to stop and smell the flowers.

   Enjoyed a cloudy sunset.

   Noticed the sunbeams.

   Or sat out and watched the clouds roll in the night before a dessert storm.

   Remember, when things get hard or you are feeling down, take a moment to watch what is going on around you. Take a walk and listen. Really listen. You never know what you may hear. Birds singing, kids laughing, a ball bouncing.

   We have had a rough summer this year. It felt like one bad thing after another would happen. We didn't get much of a break. During everything that was going on, the one thing I would always try to take time to do, is take a moment in the evening and watch the sun set. Living in Las Vegas, we don't get many clear shots of the sunset. There is one mostly clear view if I go and stand in just the right spot. I am grateful for the many beautiful sunsets I've seen this summer and I'm even more grateful that my family is always excited to stop what they are doing, to go and watch the sunset with me.

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