Monday, November 30, 2015

Duel List Review

    Duel list is a game for two to eight players aged twelve and up.

   To set up, put the cards into the nine different categories. Place cards in numeric order from one to six in each stack.

   You will need two six-sided dice (not included) and a minute timer (we use our phone). Each player will also need a pen and a piece of paper.

   The first player will chose a category. We will chose the Entertainment category.

   Next, roll both dice. One die will tell you which one of the six cards in that category you will be playing from. In this example, we will be playing with card one.

   Take the card and flip it over. The second die shows you which topic you will be using. We will be doing TV shows that are cartoons.

   Start the timer and everyone starts to write down their list of cartoons. When the timer is done, you may finish writing what you have started and then stop. The first player then reads off their list of cartoons. Players get two points if they are the only player to list that item. If others list that item as well, it is worth one point. If someone lists off something that someone doesn't agree with, you can talk it out and take a vote. If it is decided that the answer isn't valid, it is crossed out and not scored. Add up your score from your list. The highest a player can score on a round is ten points. The player with the most points that round receive a three point bonus. If more than one player has the highest score, they all receive three points. The round is now over. Pass the dice to the next player and begin again. The game is over once every player has had a chance to pick a topic. The person with the highest score from all rounds combined is the winner!

   If you enjoy making lists and are good at thinking on your feet, this is an excellent game! I do enjoy lists and am not quick on my feet, but I still have an enjoyable time playing this game. There's a lot of laughing involved while players try and persuade everyone that their answer is valid. Duel List is fun with all sizes of groups. There is a lot of replay ability with a wide range of topics. There is sure to be a category that everyone will enjoy.

  If you would like to purchase this game, you may do that here.

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