Friday, December 11, 2015

AEG Black Box 2015

   AEG has started having a black Friday black box. They don't tell you what is inside of the box before you get it, you just know it's full of gaming goodness. There is one "big game" and then a few smaller games. If you don't want to know what is in it, then stop reading now. If you do, then carry on.

   This year, the games were all card games.

   This year's "big game" is a game called Bacon Wars. I think this theme is awesome! It's take that type game. You are trying to build up your bacon orchard while attacking your opponents. Yes, I said bacon orchard. I'm pretty sure I need one of those.

   Pretense is a game night metagame. Take the a card for the number of players, plus four. Take the matching tokens and put them on the table. Take the cards and shuffle them up. Deal a card to each player. This is their roll card for the night. If someone figures out who you are, they get your roll card. Once your roll card is taken, you are out of the game. Whoever has the most roll cards at the end of the night is the winner.

   Who Stole The Cookie is a memory type game. You get to peak at cards, shuffle them up and try and remember where the cookies are. If you remember, you are the winner, but be careful, if you guess wrong you are out of the game.
   Gather characters to help the big corporations stop Cypher before he hacks into the Nexus.

   Can you find the Lost Legacy before your opponents? You will have to take risks, use the powers of deduction and hope you have a bit of luck. Maybe the legend is true after all.
   Four great nations are at war with each other causing the Cold War. Will you focus on espionage, statecraft, nuclear deterrence, covert missions, counterintelligence, forging alliances, or crisis control?

   It also came with all of these bits. You will need them for the Empire Engine game. These are great quality! They are made out of wood and are pretty awesome.

   You also can't really have an AEG box without some version of Love Letter in it. I know some people think this game has way too many versions out, but our family loves playing this game so we were excited to see it in there.

That's this year's AEG black box. We have played a few of these games already and they are pretty solid games. There's something for everyone!

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