Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Board Game Challenge Update

   A year ago, we decided to do a board game challenge. We were going to attempt to play ten games, ten times, during the year. We picked some of our favorites that we figured we would play ten times and some we knew would be a little more of a challenge.

   Sometimes we would play a game on the list, and then forget to add the play. This happened often when we would play the games on game night at our friends house.

   However, some of the games were played ten times throughout the year, even if they didn't get marked off. Scoville, Shadow Run Crossfire, and Trains all made it to the table at least ten times.

   Some were pretty close. Carcassonne,  Lords of Waterdeep, Smash Up, and Tiny Epic Kingdoms all passed the five plays mark.

   Others weren't even close. Dice Masters, Seasons, and Volt only had a few plays each.

   As time went on, we would look at our list of games we chose to play and then decide we didn't want to play any of them. We had newer games that we enjoyed playing more than the ones on our list. Some of them we played a lot more than ten times even. Splendor and Machi Koro became part of mine and hubby's nightly routine after the kids were in bed. Our five year old fell in love with King of Tokyo and that became a game we played often as a family.

   Overall, I suppose we didn't do too well on our board game challenge. I think it's a lot more enjoyable to play the games you are in the mood to play. Plus, you never know what shiny new games you may buy throughout the year.

   Have you done a board game challenge or something similar? How did you do?

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