Sunday, March 20, 2016

Product Review: Chalkboard Paper

   I received some self adhesive chalk board paper to review. It comes in two tubes. Each one is 18 inches by 6 feet. The back side has some graph paper you peel off to uncover the sticky side of the paper. This also makes it easier for cutting straight lines if needed.

   It was pretty easy to install. I did it by myself along the bottom part of a wall. I did have some air bubbles, but for the most part it worked well. It stuck on pretty well. After a week or so it started falling off. I just stuck it back on with more pressure this time and it is still sticking.

   Chalk works wonderful on this paper. I had read some reviews saying that you had to prep the paper to get it to work correctly with the chalk. I found this isn't true.

   As you can tell from this picture, it doesn't erase completely. If you want to clean it completely, you can use a damp cloth. I haven't run into any sort of problem cleaning it this way.

   This is great for use with young kids. Mine love drawing on it for hours on end. You do need to be a little careful, I tried using some new chalk markers on it and it did leave scratch marks on it. It's also not very easy to puncture, but once you have a hole, it is easy to tear/cut it.

   This paper is so much fun! There is plenty of it for all kinds of uses. You can stick it on the wall, cover a dresser, cut it into shapes stick it to a cupboard door. So many different fun ideas and uses. This is a really great product!

I received the above product for free in return for my honest opinion.

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