Thursday, March 10, 2016

Product Review: Klikko Vehicles

   Klikko Vehicles are little plastic shapes that you can click together to make different types of vehicles.

   Inside, there is an instructions manual and a resalable bag with the pieces in it.
   Inside the manual, there are a few different things you can build. There are also some ideas for teaching different math concepts such as multiplication, fractions, volume and tangram puzzles.

   There are step by step directions for how to build your object.

   You now have a rocket ship, ready for take off!

   I think this is a great concept! My littlest one loves math and enjoys figuring out how to use these as math tools. He just turned 5 in September, so he is still working on adding and subtracting, but he loves anything you can put a math spin on. The tangram puzzles are another thing he enjoys trying to figure out. My older two are working on multiplication, division and finding the area of objects. These are also great for using as a visual for those.

   That being said, I found the directions a bit confusing. They are hard to see exactly what some of the steps are and some are left out. For example, in the directions below, where does the square go? It doesn't show in the directions, but once I got to the last step, I was able to figure it out. Also, it took me 40 minutes to build this rocket. The pieces are somewhat difficult to get together and come apart a little too easily when you're trying to get your fingers into small spaces to click them together.

   Overall, this is a pretty good product. They are pretty hard for a 5 year old to put together but they are still great for the math visuals and learning how shapes come together to make a bigger shape. There are enough of the different types of pieces, it's fun to try and build your own ideas. Once you get the item built, they do stay together pretty well making them fun to play with.

I received the above item for free in return for my honest opinion.

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