Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads

    About a month or so ago, my friend asked me if she could make me a weighted lap pad to do a little review for her. She had talked to me about them before so I was beyond excited to try one out. I didn't have high hopes for it helping as much as I needed it to. I have major anxiety attacks that decide to hit me randomly throughout the day. I also have trouble sleeping some nights. I will pop awake for no reason and my brain will be going a mile a minute. I will lay there for hours, waiting and hoping that I will get more sleep before my alarm goes off. Having 3 boys, I need all of the rest I can get, just to keep up with them.

   The first thing I did once she handed me my weighted lap pad (besides almost dropping it) was to lay it on my lap. I felt my body instantly relax. It felt like the stress of the day was melting away. I couldn't believe how nice it felt!

   My oldest sat down next to me so I took it and set it on his lap. He let out the biggest sigh and just sat there with it. I was a bit worried he wouldn't want to give it back. My youngest then took it and curled up under it. He just sat there, didn't move at all for a good 20 minutes. Most 5 year old boys won't sit still for any amount of time. He enjoyed using it so much, when I can't seem to find where it walked off to, he usually has it.

   I LOVE my weighted lap pad! I use it every afternoon when I have a little down time. I also sleep with it draped over my side. I take it with me almost wherever I go. It helps so much with the stresses and anxiety that I have every single day. Now I just need a weighted blanket. Maybe for my birthday? *hint hint*

   Here is a little Q&A about the blankets and lap pads. If you think they will benefit you or someone you know, here is a link to her Amazon page where you can get pricing and place an order. I highly recommend giving them a try. You won't be disappointed and may just get the best nights sleep you've had in a long time!
• Why did you decided to make weighted blankets and lap pads?
Hi! My name is Jodie Leavitt. I'm a stay at home mom with a sewing addiction :) I chose to start making weighted blankets and lap pads when I was approached my a nurse at our pediatrician who knows that I make quilts. She asked me if I could make a weighted blanket for a child in her home. I told her I would research it and get back to her. I was AMAZED with the process and the benefits of these items! I made her child one and then started to get more interest from others wanting blankets. So I decided to make and sell them.
• Who benefits from these items?
There are so many people who can benefit from these blankets and lap pads. I personally have made them for people with Anxiety, Autism and PTSD. I did a lot of research before I made my first blanket and found that people with these conditions have found relief with weighted blankets and lap pads:
ADHD/ADD, Alzheimer's, Anxiety Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism or ASD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Brain Trauma Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Down's Syndrome, Epilepsy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Insomnia, Parkinson's Disease, Pervasive Development Disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Sensory Integration, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Tourette's Syndrome.
Blankets are not meant for children under the age of 2 due to the risk of restricting a child and not allowing them to move under the weight.
• How are they weighted?
Each item is weighted with poly pellets. Weight is distributed evenly through the whole blanket.
• How are they made?
I make a blanket form and then secure pellets in individual pockets. Each blanket has anywhere from 100-200 pockets.
• Why choose a specific weight?
The ratio used to figure out a weight of a blanket is 1/10 your body weight plus 1-2 pounds. With children I stick to the one pound addition. 2 pounds could be too much. So a person who weighs 150 lbs would need a 16-17 pound blanket (150/10=15+1=16)
Lap pads are 2-5% of your body weight depending on how heavy you need it. So a person weighing 150 pounds would need a max weight of 7.5 pounds. You could round up and do 8 pounds at the very most.
• How do they work?
Weighted blankets are amazing! They cause your body to release melatonin and serotonin and help you relax.
There is something about the weight and how it is distributed that make your body give up on fighting you and allow rest. 
There have been people who use these items when they have severe anxiety attacks and it eases them within minutes or less, kids with sensory issues find these blankets calming and soothing. They get the sensory they are seeking.
I love making these blankets and lap pads for people! It isn't an easy task but knowing that I could help someone sleep who has had nightmares since coming home from war or help a child relax when they don't know how to communicate like others do makes my heart happy!


  1. This is so wonderful! I've known for awhile now through my own research that weighted blankets and lap pads could benefit individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder. I'm excited to see the care and dedication you put into this Jodie and love the option of purchasing these items for my son from someone I know and trust.

    1. I love making these! I'm learning so much from the people who share their stories with me as to how the weighted blankets and lap pads help so much.

  2. These are so cool! Love the Doctor Who fabric, too!

  3. I'm interested in this for my daughter, I wonder if it would help for when she gets over-excited and needs help settling down.

  4. They have been known to help calm and settle kids when they get over stimulated. I know it's a blessing for most of the families I make them for.

  5. I would really love one of these for myself. I find myself using a heavy feathered pillow on my back at night when I sleep, because it's comforting. This would probably be much more comfortable and safer. -Stacey C.

  6. I would really love one of these for myself. I find myself using a heavy feathered pillow on my back at night when I sleep, because it's comforting. This would probably be much more comfortable and safer. -Stacey C.

  7. wonder if this helps with chronic pain issues. sometimes when pains high enough meds take long time it feels like to kick in etc SO if i used this maybe on those areas it would help relax me in a new way allowing my brain to feel my meds etc