Friday, April 22, 2016

Product Review: TWOBIU Smart Watch

   I received a TWOBIU smart watch to review. It comes in this nice, thick cardboard box making it easy to give as a gift.

   The watch comes in either black or white.

   The screen is crisp and clear, making it easy to read.

   You can have the watch it either digital or analog. Both ways have the date and day of the week.

   There are 20 apps installed on the phone. There are four apps on five different screens.

   This watch works well. Some things I really liked about it are you can get notifications from your phone on it. This makes it so if you are busy you can take a quick glance at your watch to see if it is something important that needs to be looked at right away, or if it's something that can wait for a little. You can play music through it which makes it so you don't have to hold your phone to hear it. I also like that you can choose between having the clock either analog or digital. It's also kind of fun to talk into your watch when you take a phone call. Makes me feel like a spy.

   Some things I don't like about it. When you get a call it answers through your watch if you answer it on there or with your phone. This isn't a huge deal since you can switch it over quickly if needed, but I wish it wouldn't use the watch when answered on your phone. Another thing is it hooks up to your notifications. It will keep repeating any notification you haven't cleared out of your phone, no matter how old it is. I got an Instagram notification and I was busy so I couldn't check it. It reminded me every minute or so that I still had one. It was a bit annoying. I tried deleting it from the watch, but it kept coming back. Also, the directions are in very broken English making it a little difficult to figure out what you are doing but through some trial and error you can figure it out. It just took a while.

   I do have an iPhone and these aren't as compatible with an IPhone as it is with an Android, but enough of it works that it's still a fun watch to have. It's easy to read, the picture is crisp and clear. The watch is comfortable enough to wear and isn't overly bulky.

Overall, I the watch is fun to have and enough of it works with the iPhone to make it enjoyable.

I received the above product for free or reduced in return for my honest opinion.

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  1. My friend got a smartwatch for himself, not sure about the brand but it was really nice. You could receive and send msgs and use apps. It was pretty cool. Thank you for sharing this.