Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yoga Cards Review

   Yoga cards is a fun way to get your family moving and stretching. It's for ages six and up and two to four players.

   Inside, there is a deck of 48 yoga poses, six mission cards and one help card.

   To begin, you will pass out one mission card to each player. Shuffle the deck of yoga poses and pass out seven to each player. The remaining cards go face down in a draw pile. Flip over the top card on the draw pile to start a discard pile. The first player will then decide if they want to play a card from their hand, the top card in the discard pile or discard one of your cards. If the player successfully holds the yoga pose for ten seconds, they get to place that card in their collection pile.

   The play then goes to the next player on the left.

   If you are the first player to collect seven cards, completing your mission, you are the winner!

   As you can see, my five year old has fun playing with these cards. They are fun to try and copy. So far just the two of us have played with them. It's always a lot of fun and feels good to stretch and bend. We are beginners when it comes to yoga, and these poses are easy to try. We aren't quite as flexible as the pictures on the cards, but we will get there. This is a great way to be introduced into yoga and a fun activity to do during the day when we need a break. I hope to use these cards to get my whole family involved in yoga. If anything, how cute is it to see little kids doing yoga poses?

   I received the above item for free or reduced in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Haha, these cards might probably save me from laziness and my self-put ban on exercise. It’s a great initiative to get your family to start yoga.