Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to School

School started for us yesterday. The long, crazy summer break is now over. It's time to get back into the routine. This year, my school routine has changed a bit.

All of my kids are now in school.

It's so weird.

We got them into a charter school this year. We figured it was the perfect time since my oldest started middle school and my youngest was starting kindergarten. My middle child can make friends anywhere so we didn't feel quite as bad uprooting him.

They all go to the same school since it's a K-8 school. The times are offset a bit for middle school and elementary school but it all works out. We don't have to wait too long between drop offs and I'm home before their old school even started letting kids on the playground, yet they still get out at the same time.

My house is so quiet now. My house is usually fairly quiet. Even having 3 boys. Last year it was just me and my youngest, hanging out at home together. He was usually off doing his own thing while I did my thing, but this quiet is different. It's a kind of quiet that music can't fix. I eat lunch alone. I'm not asked for a snack a million times before lunch. I no longer have to say "You should have finished your breakfast, then you wouldn't be hungry." No more "I challenge you to a board game!" from my little buddy.

I sure miss my little buddy.

I haven't been home alone since before I was married. Yes, the kids would all go off with grandma or an uncle for a few hours. They would have a sleep over with cousins once in a while. But I haven't ever been home alone, all day, since before I was married.

I had a job when I got married and worked until 2 days before I had my oldest. He is now 11 and a half years old. So to say this is a big change is an understatement.

I look forward to having time to do my hobbies again. Things such as crocheting more. Blogging more like I used to. Doing more game reviews. Maybe even a craft or two.

This has been a year of change, so maybe I will try something new. Such as this blabbing blog post.