Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey, that's my fish! Review

   Hey That's My Fish is another fun little game. It's great for a time filler as it plays rather quickly. We have played this while waiting for everyone to show up for our game nights. The idea behind it is to get more fish than everyone else.

   It's a rather small sized box, so it doesn't take up much room. The tiles are small as well so you won't need a huge game playing surface for it.

   To set it up, you lay out the tiles. You alternate between rows of 7 and 8 so they make a square.

   Pick a color of penguin you would like to be. There are four colors. Each color has four poses. I think these little guys are awesome. They are wearing bibs and running off with fish.

   You start off by taking turns placing your penguins. For a two player game, you use all four of your penguins. For a three player, you use three penguins and for a four player you use two. This game has some strategy to it. You can move your penguin in a straight line until it hits another penguin or comes to a hole in the board, like if they were sliding across ice.

   When your penguin moves, you take the tile that was under it while singing "So long and thanks for all the fish!" (You don't really have to, it's just fun) Those fish are your points. There are 1-3 fish on each piece.

   You need to be careful, as your pieces can get stuck between two others, like the green one at the bottom. When this happens you end up with a penguin just sitting there unable to get you any more fish.

   When there is a tile that can no longer be reached, its removed off of the board and isn't scored at the end.

   When there's an island, the piece on it gets all of the pieces it can get to while going in straight lines so make sure you plan it out.

   Sometimes there is a tile or two that you can't get to on an island. The piece(s) left would be removed from play.

   After all the tiles are taken, you add up your fish. In this case, yellow got 51 fish, green got 48 fish and there was one we couldn't score. Yellow won! (because I was green)

   We were watching a review of this game on YouTube (sorry, I can't remember which one) when they were talking about how sometimes it's hard to get the tiles out because they are so small and all lined up. They had a suggestion about a way to get the tile out easier. It's a super special tool.

   You can use a Nerf dart with a suction cup on the end. It works pretty well at getting the pieces out without messing up the rest of the board.

   This is a fun game. I enjoy playing it and we have played it with our older boys. I say older but they are almost 9 and 7, so it's pretty easy to understand. I think this game is a great one to help children learn good sportsmanship while playing games. Things don't always go as planned and it can keep you on your toes a bit. You're trying to get the most fish while making sure you don't get blocked out and maybe trying to block out someone else while you do it. It makes kids plan a strategy that is going to be constantly messed up so they have to use problem solving skills as well. I like playing games with my kids that make them have to use their brains.  

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  1. Sounds fun. I might have to get it for Newell. Thanks for posting!