Saturday, January 18, 2014

We're not gonna lose, because we have everything we need to win right here. -Mike

   My youngest loves to play video games. I mean LOVES. He's only 3 but can work his way through a game on the Wii. He's not great at it, and playing it with him is pure torture! His older brothers try, but it usually ends up with them all frustrated and telling me that they are "never playing anything with him ever again!" That usually lasts about 5 minutes before they are in there trying again.

   Every morning after we drop the older two off at school, I ask him "What do you want to do today?" About 95% of the time he says he wants to play the Wii. Sometimes I let him. Probably more than I should. Depending on what I need to get done for the day, sometimes that is the only way I can get anything accomplished. Having 3 young boys, I have to get something done every day, or else my  house becomes a danger zone and looks like a tornado came through.

   Some days I don't feel like doing anything. I can usually get my lil one to play a game with me because who doesn't want mom's undivided attention? One of his favorite games is this Monsters University - Dice Game

   I don't know about you, but my kids LOVE Monster's Inc. When we were out trying to find something for my middle one to buy with his birthday money, we found this little game. It's really simple. I guess it's the same as 'Left, Center, Right'. I haven't ever played that one, but I have played this one many times. It's a super fast game if there's only 2 people. Sometimes only taking less than 5 minutes.

   All that is in the game are little tokens with Monster's characters on them and three dice.

   Each player takes 3 tokens. Put the rest in a pile in the middle.

   On your turn, you roll the dice. One of three things will show up. A purple dot that means you keep a token. A finger that points either left or right, that means you pass a token in that direction. If the green eye pops up, you put a token in the middle. Each token has one die for it, up to three. So if you only have two tokens left, you only roll two dice. If you have 3 or more tokens, you just roll the three.

   Whoever ends up with everyone else's tokens wins the game.

   I love how you can open his mouth and you can fit all of the pieces in there. I guess it's also to help little hands shake the dice. We have found that it's easier just to grab a cup if they need help. You have to help them squeeze the mouth open anyway.

   This game is easy enough that my little man can play it mostly by himself. It's nice to throw in between the never ending Hi Ho Cherry-O and Candyland.

   Whenever I have someone ask me if I have any games that would be good for kids, I always tell them about this one. It's a game that all of my kids like to play and they can even play it with each other if mom and dad are busy. It's a good game for teaching kids how to take turns. It's a pretty fast moving game, depending how much shaking of the dice is done before your kid rolls it. It's easy enough that preschoolers can play it with little to no help if they are able to follow directions. My older two can even explain it to their friends and cousins and teach them how to play. I highly recommend this game if you are looking for a game for your children.

   What are some games you like to play with your kids?

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  1. This looks fun thanks for sharing. I think it would be fun to use for my #Disnesyside party.