Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Patriotic Pinwheels

   There is this wonderful thing out there called Paper Pumpkin. If you've heard of Stampin' Up, it's the same company. You can sign up and they send you an awesome little craft every month, all nicely wrapped in a box.

   The first month you sign up, you get the starter box. It has everything you need to start crafting, including a clear stamp block to attach all of your stamps you will receive on to it. They also come with a couple stamps for each craft and a mini stamp pad.

   For the month of June, they sent stuff to make patriotic pinwheels. My two older boys helped me make these. They needed a bit of help, but they had fun. Everything we used was included in the box except for the red ink I used for one of the stamps.

   First we all picked out a two sided paper and curled the edges that would be folded over.

   Next we took the brads and made the pinwheel.

    It came with mini glue dots that you used to attach the pinwheel to the stick. My boys were sad when they realized this meant that they wouldn't be able to blow on them to make them spin.

   Next we stamped the little flags and used the glue dots to add them to the sticks.

   This project came with a bunch of extra stuff so you could use them for all sorts of pinwheel crafting fun. There are goodie bags you can fill and attach a pinwheel to. There is also string and little paper clips you can use for attaching and decoration.

   I love getting my craft in the mail every month. I know every other month it will be cards and the ones in between will be a fun craft. I also like the stamps, they don't take up much room to store which is great when you have limited craft storage.

   Now I need to go find some places to put some pinwheels!

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