Friday, October 17, 2014

Ugh! Review and Giveaway

   Ugh! Is a fun, fast card game for  two to six players ages eight and up.

   Inside, there is a deck of cards. In the deck, there are purple, orange and green cards numbered one through five.

   There is a wild in each color and one that is all three colors.

   There are also Ugh! Cards.

   Set up is simple. Shuffle the deck of cards and place them face down in the middle of the playing area. You are now ready to play.

   On your turn, you can flip up to three cards and place them in the three Safety Piles, placing one card in each pile.

   You can take any one card from the top of any one of the safety piles at any time during your turn. If you choose not to take one of those three cards, you can press your luck and take the top card off of the draw pile. You must keep that card. You can also lock in your cards at any point during your turn.

   If you flip over an Ugh! Card on your first flip on your turn, do what the card says and then place the Ugh! card face down in your score pile. If you don't have the cards to discard when an Ugh! Card is drawn, just place the Ugh! card in your scoring pile. If you do have the cards, place them in the discard pile.

   If you flip and Ugh! card during your turn and it's not the first card, do what the card says and then place the Ugh! card face down in the discard pile.Ugh! cards can make you lose anywhere from one to three cards or you may lose your turn.

   When you have one of each color card, you can choose to lock them in. To lock them in, simply pile them up and place them face down into your scoring pile. You don't have to lock them in as soon as you have the cards. You can try and hold out for better cards, but you may lose them. When determining the score, you will multiply the cards together. These cards are 4x3x2 so they are worth 24 points.

   When placing cards into your scoring pile, offset them so they will be easier to score later on.

   Wild cards can be used in one of two ways. You can use it as a card. If you lock it into a set, it is one lower than the lowest card in that set.

   You can also use it to steal a card of the same color from an opponent. Here, it was used to take the green five from the opponent and then a set was locked.

   Before the last card is flipped, all players can lock in a set that is in front of them. Once the last card is flipped and that player has finished their turn. The game is over. To score the game, add up each set of cards and then add them all together. Each Ugh! card in your pile is worth three points. Whoever has the highest score, wins the game!

   This game is really enjoyable! It's fun, fast and lighthearted. It also helps with learning those math skills! The cards are bright and colorful. The art is amazing! This is definitely a game we will be keeping on our game shelf.

   If you would like to try and win a game, enter below.
   Now, for the rules:

    - This giveaway is open for the US, Canada and UK only.
    - Your game will be shipped directly from Calliope Games.
    - The contest is open from Friday, October 17 until Thursday, October 23.
    - The winner will be announced and contacted on Friday,October 24.