Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Board Game Challenge

   Hubby and I have decided to do a board game challenge that we heard about amongst the board game community. The challenge: Play ten games ten times this year. We both made our list of ten games, put the ones that were the same on a new list, picked the one off of our list that we wanted to keep and then took turns crossing off games until we were down to ten. Here is our list! I've linked them all up to Amazon, if you are interested in checking any of them out.

Carcassonne - A fun tile laying game. Build cities, make roads and farm for points.

Marvel Dice Masters - Who would win, Hulk or Thor? Battle it out with this dice rolling draft game.

Lords of Waterdeep - Build buildings, gather resources and complete quests in this worker placement game.

Scoville - Plant peppers, farm and try and make the best recipe before the afternoon harvest is done.

Seasons - Collect energy tokens, complete power cards and earn crystals.

Shadowrun Crossfire - a progressive co-op game. Use cards to fight the bad guys, earn points and buy power-ups. Can you get through three scenes before you run out of health?

Smash Up - Take two factions, mix them together and try and score the base before your opponents.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms - Gather resources, research, build towers and grow. Watch out, your opponents may start a war to take over!

Trains - Buy cards to help you build tracks and stations in different locations.

VOLT: Robot Battle Arena - Program your robot and then take turns moving. Collect points while trying to push your opponent down a hole or off of the board.

   I am going to keep a running game total on our progress below. Feel free to check back and see how we are doing. I will put a link on the right side of the blogs homepage for easy access. If you'd like to join in on the challenge, I would love to know what you choose to play!

   1/15  Score: A-94    W-125
   1/16 Score:  A-105  W-117
   5/10 Score:  A-99    W-96
   5/29  1st- S, 2nd A, 3rd C, 4th W

Dice Masters:
   2/14   Winner: W
   5/02   Winner: W
             Winner: A

Lords of Waterdeep:
   3/24  Score: A-191  W-230
   4/11  Score: A-128  W-129  C-105  S-117
   5/30  Score: A-143  W-138  J-115

   1/10  Score:  A-102 W-81
   1/11  Score:  A-71   W-78
   1/22  Score:  A-84   W-87
   5/25  Score:  A-83   W-90   C-70   S-75
   5/30  Score:  A-92   W-92   C-66   S-78
   7/04  Score:  A-90   W-77   J-63

   2/02  Score:  A-74  W-82
   6/26  Score:  A-149  W-199  C-219  S-136

Shadowrun Crossfire:
   1/11 (x3) Lost in 3rd scene, Aborted in scene 2, Aborted in scene 3
   3/25 (x3) Lost in 3rd scene, WIN, Lost in 3rd scene
   4/17 Win
   7/04 Win

Smash Up:
   2/04  Score: A-14   W-15
   4/18  Score: A-6    W-15
   6/13  Score: A-11  W-15
   6/14  Score: A-11  W-15  J-11

Tiny Epic Kingdoms:
   1/22  Score: A-11   W-10
   2/04  Score: A-11   W-13
   7/03  Score: A-14   W-15  

   1/11  Score: A- 31  W-47
   1/28  Score: A-23   W-22
   2/13  Score: A- 45  W- 50
   2/22  Score: A-30   W-44
   4/11  Score: A-20   W-18   C-15   S-15
   7/02    Score: A-41   W-36
   7/02    Score: A-46   W-50

   2/13 Score: A- 2  W- 5  J- 3  E-  1
   5/01 Score: A-5   W-4   J-2

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