Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Nerd Shelf

   One of my hobbies that I have enjoyed doing lately, is collecting things to put on my nerd shelf. I started getting a little collection of things and I have taken over the fireplace mantle. It's in the back of the house where we keep our games, so I don't have to worry about finding furniture to match. I do think a superhero couch would be pretty awesome though.


   Hiding in the back corner behind some other things, is my perler bead Supernatural characters I made. Here is Castiele, Dean, Sam and Bobby

   Here I have a couple Mixles Lego's. A Tribble from Star Trek, Mega Man's helmet, a little action figure from Alien, a Ghostbuster door hanger, a Care Bear, an Assassins Creed coin and a book called How To Survive A Sharknado.

   One of our new favorite things to collect are the Pop Vinyl figures. Here we have the fighters. Sam Winchester from Supernatural. Ash from Army of Darkness, Dean Winchester from Supernatural, a mini figure from Minecraft, a scribblenaut Galactus, and Rocket Racoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

   Here is our Batman collection. We have a Lego batman, Batman's Lego jet, a scribblenaut Batman, a Lego Batsign, a Batman Joker, Harley Quinn key chain, an R2D2 we put together from metal sheets, a scribblenaut Green Lantern and a Transformer Hexbug.


    On top of the Batcave is my Dr. Who collection. The Weeping Angel set and the TARDIS are two different sets. They are Creative Builder brand I believe. The bigger characters are from blind boxes.

   Next to the Batcave is my Ninja Turtle home. I have a little Transformer, Predator, and Raphael.

   Above my Ninja Turtle's is my little city. Here we have a little Mega Blocks Halo figure and two Firefly characters, Captain Reynolds and Jayne Cobb.

   And beneath it all, is our superhero felt crafts we made. These are great for using those nails you hang your Christmas stockings on.

   I love collecting things! I get a monthly Loot Crate in the mail which is where a majority of these characters came from. We also enjoy doing family crafts so sometimes we will make things that get put on my shelf. Others, we have purchased as we find ones we like. I have a feeling we will be getting many more. Especially since we found a wonderful little geeky store. This is their back wall. I can't wait to go back!

   What are some things you enjoy collecting?

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