Friday, January 9, 2015

Sushi Go Review

   Sushi Go! is a fun little card drafting game by Gamewright Games. It plays two to five players and is easy to learn and play.

   Inside, there is a deck of cards with cute little sushi's with faces on it. Each type of sushi is worth a different amount of points. Each card shows how many points they are worth on the bottom.

   The more dumplings you have, the more they are worth. Once you have five, you are at the top of the point scale. They are worth either one, three, six, ten or fifteen points.

      The tempura is worth five points for each pair.

   Sashimi is worth ten points for every group of three cards.

   The Nigiri is worth the point on the card. The egg is worth one point for each one. The Salmon is worth two and the squid is worth three. If you play a wasabi and then place one nigiri on it, it triples the points on the card that is placed on top of the wasabi. The wasabi must be placed first and only adds points to the card on it.

   Whoever has the most maki rolls gets six points at the end of the round. The second most gets three points. The cards have either one, two or three rolls on it.

   The puddings don't do anything until the end of the game. At the end, the person with the most pudding gets six points. The player with the least amount loses six points.

   Chopsticks aren't worth any points but can be helpful in getting points. When you play a chopsticks, that is already face up in front of you, you can swap it out for another card in your current deck. After you flip your cards, you say "Sushi Go!", pick your pile back up and switch it for the card you want. Then place the deck to your left. There should still be the same number of cards in the deck.

   Set up is simple. Deal out the number of cards indicated for the number of players.

   Next, you are going to look through your deck and decide which card you want to keep. Place it face down in front of you and place the deck to your left.

   Everyone flips their card at the same time.

   Pick up the deck of cards on your right. Choose which card you want to keep and place face down in front of you. Once again, place your deck on the left.

   Continue going around until all of the cards have been used. Next, you add up your score for the round. If you have any cards that need more than one to score and don't have enough, they are worth zero points. Write down everyone's score on a piece of paper. Collect all of the cards except for the pudding and put them in a discard pile. Deal out another set of cards. There are three rounds in this game.

   At the end of the third round, take score. Next, score the puddings. Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner!

   This game is super simple to learn and play. It only takes about half an hour so it's a great filler game or if you want a fast game. It's fun to play with kids and there is enough going on that it will keep their attention. We have had a lot of success with this game. The art is great. The cards are a good quality. I love that it comes in a little tin that makes it easier to take when we go to game nights. It is quickly becoming a favorite among our gaming friends and family.

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