Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Double Double Dominoes Review and Giveaway

   Double Double Dominoes is a game for two to four players and takes about an hour to play.

   To set up, lay the board out in the middle of the table.

   Place the score markers on the bottom corner of the board. It is possible to play this game with five to six players, but you need to purchase additional dominoes and score markers.

   Place the dominoes face down where everyone can reach them,

   Next, throw out the insert that comes in the box. I'm only kidding, sort of.

   At least take it out. My dominoes like to fall through the little holes and end up in the bottom of the box. It's not a huge deal, really. I will probably end up putting them in a baggie anyway.

   Once you have all of the dominoes face down, and mixed up, each player draws three.

   Each player then reveals their domino that has the least amount of dots on it. This is the first player.

   You will notice, in the middle of the board, there is a square with a yellow star on it. This is where the first domino is placed.

   At the start of your turn, draw a domino. Then play one on the board. If you can not play any dominoes from your hand, place one face down off to the side. It is now out of the game and your turn is over.

   When placing your dominoes, only one side of the domino that is placed can touch one side of the domino already on the board. It may touch two different lines of dominoes, as long as the numbers match and only one side is touching both lines.

   If you play a double domino, you may chose to play another domino as long as it is played on the double domino. You can keep playing dominoes as long as they are double dominoes that match the previous domino.

   As soon as you play one that is not a double domino, your turn is over. You must use the dominoes you had at the beginning of your turn. When you are done playing, draw back up to three.

   Look under the dominoes you played this turn. If there is a diamond with a number on it, that is how many points you scored this turn. If you play a double domino on one, it is worth double. This player would score four points. They played a double domino on a one diamond which makes it worth two. They then played another domino on a two diamond which gives them two more points.

   Move the score tracker four points. At any time, if a domino is played that has a number that matches where you are on the score track (in this picture it would be a four) you would score three points. Move your score tracker three points and that is the new number to watch for.

   The winner is whoever gets the designated amount of points first. It varies depending on the number of players.

   If you have small children at home, you can use this game as a way to teach math and number recognition. This is my four year old lining up the dominoes and counting the dots. He is big into numbers and he loves playing this game!


    This game is a perfect for people who enjoy simple games. It's great for playing with your children as well as an older generation. Most people already know the basics on how to play. The scoring also adds a little more strategy to the game. I think this game is a great way to get those family members that aren't big gamers to play a game. I mean, who doesn't like dominoes??

   If you would like to enter to win a copy of Double Double Dominoes for yourself, here are the rules:
      - This giveaway is open for the US, Canada and UK only.

      - Your game will be shipped directly from Calliope Games.
      - The contest is open from Wednesday, March 25 until Wednesday, April 1.
      - The winner will be announced and contacted on Thursday, April 2.

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