Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse Review

   Do you enjoy worker placement games? How about area control? Trying to survive the impending doom of the apocalypse? Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is a fast paced two player game that is currently on Kickstarter and can be found here. If the Kickstarter has ended, you can order from his website.

   The game comes in a mini mint tin. That's right, everything you need to play this game is in this tiny little tin.

   You can also get this playing mat. (Check the Kickstarter pledge levels for more information)

   Inside of the tin you will find five mini blue meeples, five mini yellow meeples, dice in both colors, a green meeple and die and two white cubes. There is also an mini expansion that comes with a man hole cover.

   To set up, place the tin anywhere you'd like between both players. This is your fall out shelter. Choose a color and take the corresponding meeples and dice. Stand one meeple up and lay the other four down. Place the green meeple and the die next to each other, with the six side up, between the two players. Place the supply box (white cubes) next to the tin. Choose which level of difficulty you would like to play. We will discuss this at the end. I would also like to point out that the blue meeples are on the Homemaker Hobbies building, because that's awesome!

   To play the game, both players start rolling the dice as fast as they can. When a seven is rolled, the fun begins! Every time you roll a seven, you have a few options.

   You can stand up one of your meeples.

   You can place a standing meeple into the fall out shelter.

   You can knock over one of your opponents standing meeples.

   If you have a meeple in the fall out shelter, you can kick out one of your opponents meeples. Place them out side of the fall out shelter, standing up.

   If you have two meeples in the fall out shelter, they can team up to go get a supply box. While these two meeples are out, your opponent may knock them down. Making it so you have to stand them back up to get the supply box into the fall out shelter.

   Once you have four meeples in the fall out shelter along with a supply box, you can seal up the shelter. Close the lid and you have survived the apocalypse!

   There is only room for seven meeples in the fall out shelter at any time.

   While you are rolling the dice and trying to survive, there is a monster you need to worry about. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from.

   1- Once a supply box is taken into the fall out shelter the monster is activated. This means that whenever a double is rolled that matches the monster's die, the monster die rolls down one number. Example, when it is on the six, once a double six is rolled by either player, they move the monster die down to five. Once either player rolls double fives, it's rolled down to a four and so on.

   Once the monster die is on one and double ones are rolled, the player that rolled the doubles can decide to sacrifice a meeple. If they do so, the monster is happy and the game continues until another double one is rolled. If they decide not to, the other player can decide to sacrifice one of their meeples. If they choose not to then the monster gets into the fall out shelter and the game is lost.

   2- If you want it to be a little more challenging, you can choose to have the monster activated when the game starts.

   3- Or if you want a real challenge, you can choose to count down the monster die as one of your choices when a seven is rolled.

   This game is a lot of fun! It's fast paced with no down time at all. It plays quickly and can be played anywhere. The tin is small enough to fit it in a pocket or purse with ease. It's also a great way to help teach kids math. You need to be able to add quickly but is easy enough that children can play. Whenever this game is played, there is tons of laughter and a bit of contention. This is another great Mint Tin Game!

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