Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Math Dice Chase Review

   Math Dice Chase is a fun little math game. It comes with a rule book, four dice and a little bag.


   Play is simple. Everyone sits in a circle. Give one set of dice to two people sitting across from each other. Both players roll their dice then call out the math problem. Example: the purple player would call out "6x4=24." If this is correct, they will pass the dice to the player to the left. If it's incorrect, someone can yell "Challenge" which stops all play. The challenger then says the incorrect equation, followed by the correct equation. If they challenger is correct, the player that said the incorrect equation is out for the round. If the challenger is incorrect, they are out for the round. You can only challenge the current equation.

   Continue rolling, calling out the equation, then pass them to the left. If a player gets caught with both sets of dice, they are out. Keep going until there are two players left. Each player takes one die and rolls it. The two numbers are multiplied together. The player that calls out the correct answer first is the winner!

   This is a great game to help kids learn math! I have changed it to just adding the two numbers together to help my five year old practice his math. My older two boys can use them for multiplication. With the set of two dice, they recommend you play with four to six players. You can add more players with more sets of dice which would be awesome for use in a school setting.

   This game would be a great help for teachers, homeschooling, or anyone that has kids that love math or may need a bit of help learning. The dice are high quality, easy to read and big making it a great addition to any home or classroom.

   I received the above item for free or reduced in exchange for my honest opinion.

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