Friday, October 3, 2014

Bang! The Dice Game

    Bang! The Dice Game is a really fun party game for three to eight players. 

   Inside of the box, there are five dice, character cards, summary cards, tokens, a Sheriff card, two Deputy cards, two Renegade cards and three Outlaw cards.

   The Character cards have special powers on them. Some hurt your opponents, but most of them help you.

   The character card also shows you how many life points you have. Black Jack gets eight life points. The directions say to take the number of bullets that equal your life points. When you get hit, you put one of your bullets back into the middle of the table. However, we like to play it where you take a bullet when you get hit and once you have the same number of bullets as life points, you are out.

   Shuffle the character cards and pass one out to each player. These cards are face up. Take a minute and have each player announce who they are and what their power is. Pull out the number of each Roll Player cards according to the number of players. Shuffle the Roll Player cards and deal one of those out to each player. These stay face down unless you are dealt the Sheriff card. The Sheriff announces who they are and adds two life points to their character. Also, give each player a summary card. This will help you know what your dice do.

The Dice:

   If you roll three dynamite dice, your turn is over. You take one damage and then resolve the rest of your dice.

   If you roll an arrow, immediately take one arrow for each arrow that is rolled. When all of the arrows are taken, the Indians attack and you take one damage for each arrow you have. After you take your damage, the arrows are put back into the middle of the table and the turn continues.

   If you get the 1, you can hit either the person on your right or left. If you roll the 2, you can hit the person that is two away on either right or left. If you have multiple dice showing either the 1 or 2, you can hit the same person or split them up between both opponents.

   If you roll the mug, you can heal as many hits as you have mugs. You can heal either yourself or an opponent. If you roll three gatling's, every other player takes a damage. You can now put all of your arrows back into the middle of the table.

   On your turn, roll the dice. You can re-roll any dice you do not wish to keep. You can not re-roll the dynamite, unless that is your power.  You must also take an arrow immediately for each arrow rolled. You can then re-roll the arrow die if you wish. You get two re-roll's, then you must resolve your dice.

   On this roll, I can hit someone on either side that is two away from me. I only got two dynamite so those don't do anything. I can also hit the person on either my right or left. Since I only got one gatling gun, that die doesn't do anything either.

   You will keep going until either the Sheriff is eliminated or all of the Outlaws and Renegades are eliminated.
   The Sheriff and Deputy are trying to kill the Outlaws and the Renegades.
   The Outlaws are trying to kill the Sheriff and the Deputy
   The Renegade is trying to kill everyone else.

   We have had a lot of fun with this game! It's great for big gaming groups. It's fun trying to trick people into thinking you are on the same side to try and get them to help heal you. It's tricky being the Deputy because you want to heal the Sheriff but you don't really want everyone gaining up on you either. This game is easy to teach and plays pretty quick so it is a good filler game or you can play it multiple times. I would recommend adding this game to any game collection. We have had people that don't like party games, enjoy themselves playing this one.

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