Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Lords of Waterdeep and Expansion Storage

   One game that takes up a lot of space due to the many components that come in it, is Lords of Waterdeep. Yes, the box has a lovely insert that keeps everything nicely in it's place. But if you take this, and add it with the expansions, you now have two heavy boxes full of little bits.

   This can take up a lot of space on your game shelf, and if you are anything like us, we need all of the space we can get!

   So, hubby and I came up with a plan. Okay, it was mostly hubby's idea, but I helped... a little. It was nice, everything still fit nicely in the box.

There was still room for the board, even though we used the smaller expansion box.

   Everything from both boxes still has it's own little spot. We used plastic mesh to make little compartments for everything. It's even sorted by the base game and the expansion.

   The bottom is measured up to be the same size as the inside of the box. We split it up to hold all of the different sizes of compartments. If you needed to, you could remove the whole thing from the box.

   Everything can be taken out of the box which saves a lot of table space! Everything is color coordinated. The base game is sewn together with black yarn, Undermountain is orange and Skullport is blue. This saves you time when you want to play with only one part of the expansion. The building cards are next to the matching cards in the box.

   Each player gets their own little color coordinated compartment with all of their bits in it. It's plenty big enough to store them neatly, or you can just throw them all in there.

   This project was pretty time consuming, but very simple. We had to measure everything up and make sure there was space on the top of everything to hold the boards and the rule books. Measuring wasn't too difficult, you just have to count the squares. Once everything was measured and cut, we were able to sew it together pretty easily. This is a great way to downsize the boxes on your shelves. It's also simple enough you can do it while watching tv, listening to music, or just visiting with a friend.

   If you would like to learn how to play this game, my review can be found here.
   If you would like the directions on how to make the inserts, it can be found here. 


  1. It looks realy cool!
    May I ask the exact size and parameters of the separators and little boxes?

    1. Send me an email and I will see what I can do.