Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Games

   Halloween, a time of scaring people, parties, and all things monsters, is right around the corner. I decided I would do a little list of my favorite monster games that would be a great addition to any family party.

   Smash Up:
   Choose two factions to mix together in this fun card game. Use their special powers to try and out score your opponents. There is even a monster expansion for more monster goodness.


   Use your monster to reek havoc on Meeple City. Who will capture the most meeples while flicking, throwing and blowing down a city?


   King of Tokyo:
   Monsters are taking over Tokyo and are fighting over who gets to be the king. Claw your way to the top in this fun family game. Just beware, you can only take so much before you need to heal or someone else will be the King of Tokyo.

   Who can have the worst day before they die? In this card game, make your family as miserable as you can before they die while trying to cheer up your opponents family. The person with the lowest score is the winner of this game.


  Castle Panic:
   Can you defeat the monsters before they knock down the castle? In this co-op game, work together and try and take out the monsters before they take you out. It's a great game to play if you have younger kids since you work together.


   Monsters University Dice:
   Will you have the most monsters left at the end of this game? Pass them left, right, or place them in the center. Whoever has the last monster in the game wins this easy game. Fun for all ages, even my four year old understands this one.

   What are some of your favorite monster games?


  1. My children's favourite is the King of Tokyo (with the Halloween expansion).

    With my wife we also love the Small World Underground and Elder Sign boardgames.

    1. We enjoy the Halloween expansion and small worlds as well. We haven't ever played Elder Sign though.